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Most discussions are suitable for IM unless your company is involved in making prototypes for top-secret missions or other highly proprietary information.

You're on IM with four others, discussing the timetable of pieces needed for a project.

You have the statistics you need and look as if you knew them all along or had them handy.

Unlike a conference call, which has to be set up in advance with everyone given a number to call and a password to enter at an appointed time, IM is there all the time, just waiting to be clicked.

They save valuable time by not having to leave the job site early to come back to the office for the meeting.

Like texts and email, IM keeps a written record of what was said.

IM is chatting in real time as if you were on the phone with someone or on a conference call. You're talking with a client (or potential client) on the phone.

Together, they cited information from 8 references.

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The beauty of IM lies in its name – "Instant." It really is instant communication, faster even than email.

When you type in your comment and hit Enter, your comment appears on the screen instantly.

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