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Heck, sex is really the only thing missing from my life right now.I would be delighted with an exclusive relationship (looking to avoid random STDs) that just involved dates and sex indefinitely.He's a really great guy who loves all his fans but he had a tendency to sleep around and have a hard time in committed relationships.But we know when he finds the right girl all that will stop. Running away, she finds herself lost in a big city.Juliet POV: Placing my hand in Cc's we headed back to the bus, or should I say my boyfriends.

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Cc had the party and kindness of Ashley and the protectiveness of Andy. "Do the guys know" I asked happily laying my head on his shoulder as we walked to the bus. Opening the bus door open for me cc helped me climb into the bus since the step was kind of high up. But yeah, and she said yes" I could practically feel the embarrassment rolling off of him in waves. I moved to the floor so he could sit on the couch since he would be tired from his show.

"No, I wanted it to be a surprise for everyone" he blushed kissing my forehead. Placing both hands on my hips he lifted me up and placed me in the bus, I didn't even use the steps. I can't believe that was your first show" Jake grinned making me blush. I'm guessing you did by the way your both acting" Ashley said cheekily winking at me. "Don't worry babe, I still love you" I smiled pecking him on the cheek. Cc got up and went to take a shower now that it was open and he still hasn't showered since the show. You were amazing" he congratulated me sitting down on the couch.

Cc followed me into the bus and I went and walked into the couch area where everyone was sitting. I heard the shower running so I'm guessing he was showering after the show. "Yeah-she was pretty amazing" Cc said taking a step closer to me. We sat down on the couch, but it was pretty squished all of us sitting there so Cc picked me up and placed me on his lap. Minutes later Andy walked out of the bunk room grinning when he saw me. He was wearing only black athletic shorts and no shirt. The only girl on this tour with actual morals and self respect?

I am a grandmother who likes playing with my grandkids. My music tastes are quite varied as I enjoy listening to anything from oldies to some classical, with a little rock tossed in also.

I am a big fan of the television series Sons of Anarchy and The Walking Dead. He must like to have fun, to cook, and to dance, being silly at times and serious when need be.

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