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I can ask myself when I’m struggling, “What would Jesus do? Some people believe my life may be a lonely existence without the presence of God, but my heart and my life are full with the presence of people and nature and the love I have for them. I tend not to express my beliefs or doubts publicly because I am almost always in the minority, the extreme minority.I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how open many other military spouses have been to my beliefs – kind, almost curious.I have doubts to whether Jesus was the Son of God, or a prophet.Jesus is someone who inspires me and I would love to live my life like Him. I love my husband, this country and our military with every fiber of my being.On the contrary, I am firm and confident in my views, more than most are probably comfortable with their own faith.

I’m in wonder of the universe around me and the human spirit. And you guessed right- if I am skeptical that God exists, then I don’t believe in evil, the devil, hell, heaven or the afterlife.

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For some, accepting people who are different has proven to be difficult. He supports me and we couldn’t be married if he didn’t.

As for my children, I want to give them the opportunity to believe in God, but it doesn’t feel right coming from me.

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