Adventure dating when to take down online dating profile

The chemistry between us was strong and it was apparent.

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On the following day, I went on that rescheduled date with a forgiving heart and very little expectations.

95% of profile pictures include images of someone surfing, climbing Machu Picchu, feeding a koala, or squinting gamely into the distance in front of a palm tree.

A shocking 99% of bios include the phrase “let’s go on an adventure ;).” “I’m more into, like, overanalyzing my lunch order than spontaneously hitchhiking to Spain, or whatever,” explained Shaw.

We talked for hours and ended up being the last customers in the store as the place was closing for the evening.

We were so oblivious to the time that the staff was literally cleaning and putting away chairs before we realized that it was time for us to leave.

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