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She looked to the side as they stopped at yet another traffic light and saw people in the SUV next to them trying to look in the dark windows and wondered if they could see her on her knees, stroking his long hard black cock.

Thomas noticed her looking, and asked, "Would it make you hot if they knew you were sucking my cock?

She kissed the soft crown and then looked up at him and smiled as she asked, "So... The limo stopped in front and the driver came around to open the door for CJ.

He was obvious as he watched her open her legs as she stepped out of the limo, her pussy clearly visible.

She lightly whimpered when he lightly bite her ear lobe.

He unbuttoned her jacket and slipped it off her shoulders as he told her, "I have been admiring your breasts all night." Thomas folded her jacket and laid it neatly over the bar stool.

She laid her small bag on a table just inside the door looked around at the lavish room as she walked to the window to take in the view of the strip, lit up with all the lights from all the casino marquees.

He rested his hand on her head as she started to bob her head faster as she sucked his cock deeper.

She paused as his cock touched the back of her mouth, and then she slowly swallowed his cock. They both had to laugh as someone yelled out, "Is that you mom?

He pushed her head down and forced his cock deep in her mouth.

His cock-head grew hard and CJ knew he was going to cum.

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