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Do you also avoid sending anything personal through gmail? It's impractical tinfoil hat territory to act like there's any reason to be concerned about this OCR tool or any other instance of putting your files on Google.

To my knowledge there has never been a hack of Google's data or any leak connecting any user's identity to PII. For those who are concerned about the privacy and are mindful enough to care about the privacy of others, putting any information on anyone else's computer (like Google's servers) is a leak.

If an actual person was reading all your mail, something you generally have an expectation of privacy in dealing with, or the advertising profiles advertisers use were leaked in such a way that they could be attached to the specific individuals they're related to, that would be an invasion of privacy."We realize this is bad as well and we are on your side. Unfortunately, you'll need to buy our other product to do this."Edit: a word. It was everywhere, and on Mac OS it was integrated into the OS.

It's just that the cosmos (fortune) has cast this upon us all. I'd rather AOL not keep permanent logs of everything. As for my own data, Adium kept logs that I zipped up before I stopped using it. For most people I knew, they had it set to join when they got on the computer.

What AOL's TOS must do is provide you with terms under which you license your stuff to AOL.

Nowhere in the law does it say they have to give you a way to export the creations that you put into their system. You are not owed a say in any and every facet of life that touches you incidentally.

Is this is all over the possibility of their advertising engine seeing keywords and giving you an ad based on it?

Now when you look at your buddy list, you have no idea whether they're at their computer or if they're busy or running around with their phone.Personally identifiable/private information about an individual being made available to another individual without consent from the subject.Gmail running an automated algorithm over your mail and suggesting an ad doesn't do this. One thing I'll miss about AIM is that it's a communication modality that doesn't exist right now.A part of me can't wait to see the President whose entire life can be cherry-picked from various servers and datacenters. Right now there are already thousands if not millions of kids who will never be able to get a higher up political position because of what they shared on social media. And to think this is YCombinator News, not some random news website.The US just elected a president with decades of his incredibly shitty life cherry-picked by his detractors. I guess I would just assume that if they were deleting the data, then that must mean the've already sold it to Google, with some type of exclusively contract that mandates the removal.

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