Account card credit debit updating

For more information, see What if my credit card was declined and my payment is past due? If you continue to see the "declined" message, contact your bank.

It's possible that your credit card isn't active—for example, if you recently received the credit card in the mail with an updated expiration date, you may still need to activate it.

Your bank can also tell you if your credit card is not approved for online, international, or recurring transactions.

If for some reason your credit card or bank account number has changed, first delete the existing credit card or bank account, then add a new one.

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This service is designed to call customers whenever there is a question of potentially fraudulent activity on a Thumb Bank & Trust Debit Card.Note You don't need the CVV/CVN code to update the details of an existing credit card.You can't change the number on an existing credit card or bank account.If you miss a call from the fraud prevention system you can reach them at 800-262-2024.If you receive a call and are unsure if it is our fraud prevention department, please call our toll free number during regular business hours.

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