7 habits of highly effective dating

the less intense those negative emotions will become.And eventually, social risk will go from terrifying, to becoming thrilling.But it’s all an illusion based on our evolutionary heritage.Your brain evolved in an environment where talking to a stranger could get you killed (stranger danger was a lethal threat in caveman times). Today, the worst thing that’s going to happen when you talk to a stranger is an awkward moment- it’s totally inconsequential.

It differs for each person, but generally it means that you’re interacting with women on a regular basis, and that you show sexual intent (meaning you don’t act like a platonic friend if that’s not what you’re looking for).If you adopt these habits of thinking and acting, you will put yourself in the driver’s seat of your romantic life; you will be able to choose exactly what kind of women you want to have relationships with instead of settling for someone who is “good enough”.Footnotes: *You might have noticed that the last three habits, are different from the 7 habits of highly effective people.Have you ever noticed that the anxiety you experience before approaching a girl is much worse than the anxiety you experience after you start talking to her?It’s your brain thinking that approaching a girl could have terrible consequences (like getting your head beat in by a nearby guy or getting ostracized from your social group), so your brain floods your body with negative emotions to get you to avoid taking that risk.

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