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How else could it have inspired something as surreal as Frank?And what's normal or nice anyway once you get behind closed doors?Either way, it’s cool for cats, to quote the great Squeeze.With this poster I’ve moved away from the English look and gone a bit more continental and, at the risk of sounding pretentious (which isn’t me at all), a bit more Mondrian, with lots of black and geometric angles.When I used to live in Warrington, the highlight of our weekend was visiting the upstairs Indian restaurant in the centre of Stockton Heath village. Since then, Stockton Heath’s appeal has gone way beyond having a decent curry.

No, this was going to be uniform, clean and functional.But the dream turned sour, and Wythenshawe became a byword for problem families, crime and town planning gone mad. Wythenshawe, by degrees, is turning itself around, thanks in no small part to the tram line and the train line, both going to the nearby airport and the city centre.Young singles and families are discovering that the housing stock is affordable and not too bad either.Posh apartment blocks are springing up, and the once-dire Civic Centre is looking lively again.Just a pity the old theatre is no longer functioning.

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